BPR Success & Failures in organisational sub-units LO24422

From: d.n.suresh (dnsuresh@bgl.vsnl.net.in)
Date: 04/23/00

Dear Keen Observers

I find BPR Implementation experiences different degrees of success in
sub-units of same organizations - under common influence of Top Mgt
Commitment, Consultant's attention, etc. Many of you must have wondered
why. After many interviews with actors in implementation process, I find
the dynamics of evolution is based on expectations, morale, "push" &
"pull" and stamina (patience & perseverence) among others. Could any of
you kindly give me lead on any models of change dynamics? It will be great
help in my future efforts.

Thanks in anticipation.

With best regards

DN Suresh


"d.n.suresh" <dnsuresh@bgl.vsnl.net.in>

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