what i like & dislike about the LO digest comments LO24448

From: Gordon Kubanek and Carmen Hust (gordkuba@enoreo.on.ca)
Date: 04/25/00

first I like things brief and practical.
i love the link to website resources - a godsend !
i love personal stories and examples of learning organization efforts in
here my 2 cents worth: as a High School teacher I've set up by "Diffusion
Model" for spreading the LO germ as an archetypal "S-curve"; like
sustainable development. It has 3 steps: create PASSION, support RISK, and
develop REFLECTION [metacognition] in the learners. Depending upon the
culture 1 step will be the bone cruncher.
these sites are great in relationship to this idea:

A. Microworlds, using the internet to learn:
B. Brain based learning http://www.thelearningweb.net
C. Simulation gets real: http://www.filename.com/wbt/pages/rules.htm
D. Diffusion Theory & Instructional Technology -

That's it short and sweet by the way I love the good quotes too:
                        "Your job is not to make drink, your job is to make
them thirsty"
Gordon Kubanek


"Gordon Kubanek and Carmen Hust" <gordkuba@enoreo.on.ca>

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