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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 04/26/00

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Dear Organlearners,

Gordon Kubanek <gordkuba@enoreo.on.ca> writes:

>first I like things brief and practical.

Greetings Gordon,

Thank you for your input.

Brevity can be a pitfall like practice without theory too. I like the
three steps which you mention below.

You write:

>here my 2 cents worth: as a High School teacher I've set up by
>"Diffusion Model" for spreading the LO germ as an archetypal
>"S-curve"; like sustainable development. It has 3 steps: create
>PASSION, support RISK, and develop REFLECTION [metacognition]
>in the learners. Depending upon the culture 1 step will be the bone

This is how they fit into "deep creativity".
        dynamics of creativity => create PASSION
        mechanics of creativity => support RISK
        allow back action => develop REFLECTION

Should I say more?

>That's it short and sweet by the way I love the good quotes too:
> "Your job is not to make drink,
> your job is to make them thirsty"

It reminds me of
              Do not give a person a fish,
              but help a person to catch a fish
I will extend it into
              Let us learn all about aquaculture
              so that we can give nature back its fishes.

By this I mean that catching one fish PASSIONATELY to eat it self or to
give to others leaves one fish less to catch. This becomes RISKY when more
fish is taken than what the fish can replenish themselves. Now for some
REFLECTION. Should humankind continue acting as the worst predator of all
species? Has humanculture not become ultapredacious?

We had once on this list a wonderful LO-dialogue on passion in learning.
The key question was:
        How to create passion?
Perhaps we may try answering it again. I would like to learn about
your viewpoint.

How does a "passion vampire" operate?

With care and best wishes


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