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From: Malcolm Burson (mburson@mint.net)
Date: 04/25/00

Replying to LO24426 --

At 01:34 AM 4/24/00 EDT, Harriett Robles wrote:
>I can agree with a lot of what you said, Lon, except for the part about
>the students who confuse research and begging. That's one of those
>quintessential learning processes and it's hard to know ~ especially on
>line ~ whether you've got a novice researcher or someone who's just plain
>lazy (sometimes you can spot those -- they're the ones who have to turn in
>their work the next day and actually say so.) I guess I'll almost always
>choose to give on-line students the benefit of the doubt ~ with the
>aforementioned exception!

Harriett, Lon and others --

I'm in sympathy with you both, I think, but I, too, have often found these
somewhat naive requests to be fed irritating. What would happen if we gave
Rick permission to, at his discretion, send a message to such postings on
the order of

        The members of the L-O list are pleased that you've found our work and
        discussion to be of interest. You should know that the subject of your
        inquiry has been discussed in the past, and the relevant postings may
        be found in our searchable archive at (fill in a likely blank). After
        you've consulted this, we'd welcome your further contribution to our
        shared learning.

Or is this taking too elitist a view of our work together?

Malcolm Burson

[Host's Note: I do use discretion and do not distribute everything that
comes in. When someone asks, "please send me everything about
organizational learning.." I invite them to ask a more specific question
or try out a point of view. I used to decline most msgs asking, "Please
help with my paper on X?" but then I noticed that they sometimes led to
very interesting replies from all of you. ..Rick]


Malcolm Burson mburson@mint.net

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