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From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 04/25/00

Replying to LO24409 --

Lana wrote:

>I asked Rick if the listserv has the possibility of becoming more
>interactive--include colours, pictures, links and document files storage,
>live chat, etc, as can be found on egroups or Onelist--so that I can
>continue learning from this listserv, as well as contributing to it. I'm
>sure if people could make use of drawing tools, for example, much of the
>writing could be reduced. I also enquired if all of us who choose to could
>actively 'learn by doing' in helping such a new site/listserv become a
>reality, as it may require finding the best listserv site (pre-made) and
>also moving old digests to the 'new home', etc. I don't want to put the
>onus on Rick.

Hello Lana --

Thanks for the push... I, too, would like to see more functionality, and
there are some things we could start using, but the tradeoff is that then
fewer people could play.

In 1994, I selected plain-text email as a common denominator with very
wide reach. This enables virtually anyone on the net to participate.

If I were to start now, I would select a different standard... I would use
standards-based email with styled text, graphics, sound, and attachments
of type .pdf, .gif, and .jpg -- Other file types pose a risk of spreading
viruses. This kind of mail can be sent and read with modern email programs
including Eudora, Netscape Communicator, and Outlook Express. A test a
year ago showed that about half of you could receive this kind of mail
without problems. This may still be premature, but it is the next major
change I have in mind. The biggest problem is that we would then lose the
digest option (a majority of you receive the digest).

A cornerstone of my design philosophy is that people should be able
to participate by email or thru the web, as you choose.
You can participate fully from the web, both reading and replying,
from the URL http://www.learning-org.com (You don't have to be an
email subscriber to participate on the web.)

Today, if you mention a URL in your msg, most readers can click on it to
see a graphic or a web page. For example, a photo of me is at

If you have a file you would like to put on the web (types .pdf, .gif, or
.jpg), send it to me at mailto:learning-org-approval@world.std.com -- I'll
put it on the LO site and let you know the URL. Then, you can reference it
in a message to the list.

If anyone would like to set up a live chat on our topics, or have a
conventional meeting/event, you are welcome to announce it here.

General information about the LO discussion is at

   -=- Rick


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