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From: Richard Charles Holloway (learnshops@thresholds.com)
Date: 04/26/00

Replying to LO24453 --

Hi, Susan...thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt response. here's
mine in return.

one of the characteristics of living on the edge of chaos is that what
seems messy for some is often just the write (right) fit for someone else.
delete functions in cyber-space are relatively painless. I delete (among
other "ete" things that I do) recklessly and with abandon. I often delete
other experiences outside cyber-environment...like not pausing to chat
with someone because I'm hurrying; or not sitting silently to listen to
the pulsing of my life.

enjoy what you read; enjoy the life you make room for with what you
delete...but please don't seek to change the messy (though
well-facilitated <grin for Rick>) conversations taking place with rules.
instead, let's open up a conversation that will delight and entertain us.



p.s. I delight in the good work your organization does. Thanks for taking
the time to share.

"Because the group work is grounded in an obvious and natural righteousness,
rules and regulations are not needed to make people behave...but too much
theoretical talk distracts the group from what is happening, from the
process itself. Talking about process is one way to block process and lower
the energy level of the group field." John Heider--The Tao of Leadership

> What if we agreed to keep postings to no more than 2 paragraphs? That
> would require the writer to be as sucinct as possible while also allowing
> people like me to quickly review each message for useful points or
> content. Just a suggestion.


"Richard Charles Holloway" <learnshops@thresholds.com>

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