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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 04/27/00

Replying to LO24405 --

Hi Max

> If I were Gavin, I would feel ganged up upon. He used strong words, and
> maybe not all of them were perfectly chosen, nevertheless I thought he had
> a good point.

Some where chosen so that a response could be elicited to prove a point
Max, how we are motivated, our responses anger, rage, frustration and need
to defend a particular point of view. It is like our love child
(attachment) that we hold so dear. I was using a fear tactic which gets a
fear response.

The response was fantastic.

> He in short says: long winded posts, insisting on one's
> position as the only truth, and making any other position look
> underdeveloped or retarded, ruins the atmossphere and takes the fun out of
> learning. All of us are guilty of that at times, some more, some less ;-)
> Also, I don't know how long Gavin is on this list and if realizes that you
> guys, At, Winfried, etc, play as a team ;-) so I want to balance some of
> what is happening.

I have been here about I year I think. I have a totally different point of
view. Also my values are different from At's and Winfried who both seem to
have harmony and entitlement needs so I tested that with certain anchors
that include rejection, disapproval, disharmony, as this invokes a
particular response. I have more freedom and expression values (more
American if I might say so) they are not like Winfried or At's who are in
a sense cut from the same clothe. Remember no values are better or worse
just different and many disagreements are around this very different
points of view.



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