To become or not to become. LO24405

From: Max Schupbach (
Date: 04/22/00

Replying to LO24389 --

dear friends,

If I were Gavin, I would feel ganged up upon. He used strong words, and
maybe not all of them were perfectly chosen, nevertheless I thought he had
a good point. He in short says: long winded posts, insisting on one's
position as the only truth, and making any other position look
underdeveloped or retarded, ruins the atmossphere and takes the fun out of
learning. All of us are guilty of that at times, some more, some less ;-)
Also, I don't know how long Gavin is on this list and if realizes that you
guys, At, Winfried, etc, play as a team ;-) so I want to balance some of
what is happening.


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