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From: Artur F. Silva (artsilva@mail.eunet.pt)
Date: 04/27/00

Replying to LO24384

Dear LO-learners:

>From time to time, in any listserve, a discussion about the way
>discussions are being conducted arises. This one is not the
>first at the lo-list.

Sometimes it is only a "power game": someone(s) that wants to criticise
the moderator and/or some prominent persons in the list. But, some other
times, real concerns are expressed that shall not be minimised.

As we have discussed similar question some months ago, let me state that,
imho, this time we have important concerns that must be carefully

At 01:25 19-04-2000 +0200, Winfried Deijmann wrote:
>I have something on my chest I want to share with this list.
>It is about a tendency I have noticed within me in connection to this
>list, in particular the way I browse through the messages. I am skipping a
>lot of it. It feels for me more and more as if I have read before most of
>the stuff that comes up; the words may have changed but the topics and
>content remain more or less the same. Am I mistaken?

I could say exactly the same; and that IS NOT because some messages are
big; it's because they repeat, no matter the subject, always the same
ideas, repeating thinks we already read before and, sometimes, diverging
the thread to completely different matters, or IMPOSING on every subject a
particular frame of analysis that inhibits any further learning, and even
any other posts from fellow learners, namely from some that fell afraid to
answer to very sophisticated posts.

I don't think however that long posts shall be forbidden - in some cases
they are unavoidable if one wants to discuss more than trivial questions.

But as some posts are almost "scientific papers" why not suggesting to the
most prolific writers to respect some of the rules that are common to the
writing of "papers": to have a summary in the beginning, have headers when
needed, etc? And, of course, one would not submit to a conference the same
papers (or very similar ones) twice...

What do you think about this?



Artur F. Silva <artsilva@mail.eunet.pt>

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