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From: Artur F. Silva (artsilva@mail.eunet.pt)
Date: 04/28/00

Replying to LO24454

At 07:29 25-04-2000 -0700, C. Hilscher wrote:

> Here is what I had been hoping to read...
> - practical experience of business managers balanced and blended with
>academic opinions and experience of the professors on this list. Instead,
>it feels like two different worlds with separate topics and subjects. There
>doesn't seem to be much interaction between these two worlds.
> - Some of the posts are way too long. And I would probably read them if
>I knew the "point" near the beginning of the message and the background
>info later on.
> - Many of these overly long posts quote many authors and philosophers
>that I have never heard of? Is it just me? Or is my lack of a liberal
>arts education showing up now?!

There are interesting suggestions in this and other posts. Couldn't you,
Rick (or someone else), compile all the suggestions and send them back for
further analysis and decision on "supplementary recommendations to


Artur F. Silva <artsilva@mail.eunet.pt>


"Artur F. Silva" <artsilva@mail.eunet.pt>

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