LO: learning or teaching list? LO24497

From: Artur F. Silva (artsilva@mail.eunet.pt)
Date: 04/28/00

Replying to LO24456

At 19:04 25-04-2000 -0400, Richard Karash wrote:

>In 1994, I selected plain-text email as a common denominator with very
>wide reach. This enables virtually anyone on the net to participate.
>If I were to start now, I would select a different standard... I would use
>standards-based email with styled text, graphics, sound, and attachments
>of type .pdf, .gif, and .jpg...

I wouldn't suggest that. I recently unsubscribed from a list where those
"facilities" have been provided. After some time the majority of the mails
were only .gif files :-((

[Host's Note: Thanks, Artur, I wouldn't have expected that. ..Rick]

The facilities you have provided are great and, I think, they are enough
as a support to the list. Of course the Web page could be revamped, namely
allowing more types of searches, but that is a "nice to have" sometime in
the future.


Artur F. Silva" <artsilva@mail.eunet.pt>


"Artur F. Silva" <artsilva@mail.eunet.pt>

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