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From: Chuck Saur (csaur@remc8.k12.mi.us)
Date: 04/28/00

Replying to LO24478 --

Gavin Ritz wrote:

> Dear DP
> It is really very simple, and you may check it out for your self however
> you have a point if this model stops working, I or other can prove it to
> be false then I will use another useful model.

Hello Gavin, all others,

There is a boy, who at two years old could still not walk or sit up. The
parents were worried that he was severely delayed in other ways as well.
They went to the doctors and educators and asked what to do.

The doctors and educators said, "it is really very simple. Your son has
cerebral palsy. You are in luck because our latest physiotherapy model is
in use here called neuro-developmental technique. We will provide the
best care he can get."

Later on, when the child was four years old, the doctors and educators
said "your boy is a really tough case, we don't want to hurt him. Our
treatment models specify that he must maintain proper sitting postures to
prevent joint deformities. He will never attain the 'quality of movement'
our models say are needed to walk.

Then still later, the doctors and educators said, "we must do many
surgeries to enable your son to sit comfortably because he does not have
the quality of movement our models say he needs to stand up.

It is now the year 2000 and the parents are trying to teach the boy to
stand. The doctors and educators say "its too bad that this boy didn't
start trying to stand sooner. He has badly formed joints from sitting so
much. Our new models say that we must try to stand him more and allow him
to do more".

"What happened to the old models?" asked the parents.

"Oh, there were some trials and errors made several years ago, and strict
adherace to NDT stopped working and many seemed to prove it false. We
have found another useful model."

I can't read from your words, Gavin, or others, how you utilize the models
you speak of. I certainly am not pointing to, or intimating that you are
misusing either models or people or both. But when I read about, and
attach meaning to, words that describe the practice of moving from model
to model based on "what works", I see paralells to our situation. I had,
perhaps mistakenly so, thought we had become more acutely aware of the
impact of fragmented approaches.

Movement, intelligence, compassion, caring and love appear as spectrums.
Where do you see yourself?




Chuck Saur <csaur@remc8.k12.mi.us>

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