Reification and reiteration LO24524

Date: 05/01/00

Replying to LO22615 --

Dear At,

At, thanks for the tremendous beauty of your visions. Both short and long.

In LO22615. You and Jan Lelie write each other around Judgement. In that
posting you say, on page 4 of 9 in paragraphs 5 and 6,
" Yes, - thinking has brought a new thrusting into Creation. It's like a tail
of a fish. You call it 'creative'. But the fish also needs a head to control
its movement, you call it 'reactive'. -- heart mind, ramjet/feedback --SNIP
-- we have something very, very important here..." Then you write that you
will make a contribution on it some time, "- I plan to call it, 'Boosted
creativity and thereafter.'"

Please will you consider writing that when you have time?

In the same dialogue you say that 'Judgement kills dialogue' page 7 of 9
paragraph 1.

I like you do not ever want again a 'crash' because of a 'virus' ;-) page
9 of 9 paragraph 2

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell

"The prevailing system of management has destroyed our people." Part of a
discarded preface to 'The Fifth Discipline'


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