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Date: 05/01/00

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In early April, Kiall and Richard had posted regarding measuring corporate
culture and operational "paradigms."

For another look at organizational practices (operations) can be measured,
the GRID OD process examines the current organizational culture as
contrated with "soundest" organizational culture (research-based) as part
of the initial phase I step. This "gap analysis" also examines the value
of soundest as a way of being. Interestingly, "soundest" culture
characteristics are universally selected regardless of geographic location
or industry.

GRID OD is a technology that links individual, team, and organizational
behaviors, values, and attitudes to achieving a sounder way of operating,
one that the organization determines is a more effective approach. Since
the process addresses the five disciplines of Learning Organizations in
the rollout process, I have utilized the "Change by design" technology to
create the foundation for LO. Many are familiar with the "9,9" or "Grid"
that Blake & Mouton created; however, to be familiar with only that part
of the theory shortchanges the full spectrum of change methodology that
these OD gurus pioneered.

Regards from rainy Austin, Texas,
Sandy Wells

> Kiall Marsh asks:
> >Does anyone have ideas on how to measure the difference between corporate
> >culture and operational " paradigms " ?


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