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From: Heidi and Dan Chay (
Date: 05/02/00

Hi learners and lurkers <g>,

Is anyone out there thinking about learning organizations in terms of 7
generations -- or 2?

What are the implications of exponential growth -- where things double, then
double again, and again...? Here's an interesting link: .

Thinking in terms of energy and entropy production, do you see curves of
(relatively soon to be) declining petroleum "reserves" not "resources"
(extracted at increasing energy-cost and cost of energy)?

Do you see "alternative energy sources" of 1) limited resource, and/or 2)
relatively poor energy qualities and minimum energy profit ratios and/or 3)
negative energy profit ratios? How much do our
lifestyles depend on petroleum for transport and agriculture, I wonder?

What do you imagine will replace oil? Natural gas? Nuclear power?
Fission? Breeder Reactors? Fusion? Cold Fusion? Coal? Solar? Wind?
Biomass? Tar sands? So-called oil shale? Methane hydrates? Hydrogen?

How much greenhouse gas and/or pollution will our global sink take? What are the implications of
delay in transport and reaction times RE pollution + exponential growth

Do you see natural limits to growth?

How much of your thinking is influenced by the beliefs you formed based on
the conclusions you made, based on the assumptions you formed, based on
the meanings you gave, to the data you selected, from the set of all data
and experience -- a long time ago? That is, what are your leaps of
abstraction, ladders of inference? Do you try to see the whole? Do you
try to disconfirm what you currently believe?

I'm thinking maybe some of these are systems questions worthy of
individuals who identify with learning organizations -- and people who
aren't intimidated by, don't get belligerent because of, or let themselves
be shut down by 1) differences 2) messiness 3) repetition 4) math 5)
science 6) tropes including metaphors 7) quotes 8) poetry 9) meter 10)
lack of meter 11) long posts 12) short posts 13) thematic posts 14) logic
15) fallacy 16) other forms of illogic 17) run-on sentences 18) run-on
paragraphs 19) run-on posts 20) sentence fragments 21) no posts 22)
religious overtones 23) violent undertones 24) unfamilar words 25) new
words 26) long words, 27) lack of "action" 28) lack of color, 29) lack of
imagination, or 30) bad humor.


Dan Chay

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