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Date: 05/02/00

Replying to LO24487 --

Hello Mark --

I'm assuming you're talking about "systems thinking" as presented by

For starters, you should try the System Dynamics Society web site where
you can obtain materials for the Beer Game, a time-tested simulation and in particular...

Pegasus communications publishes the newsletter "The Systems Thinker" and
a series of 10 to 50 page books. I often use their reprints and/or the
books in teaching systems thinking. or

A one and a half day program is relatively short for teaching systems
thinking. I recommend you focus on a small set of topics and drive them
home with practice exercises. For a program of this length, I usually do:
  - an example to illustrate
  - perhaps an exercise/simulation (but this takes a lot of time)
  - events/patterns/structure or the vision-deployment matrix
  - steps in a systems thinking process
  - links, loops, reinforcing and balancing; practice finding R-loops
  - Mental models; adding thought bubbles to the diagrams.
  - system archetypes introduction
  - present and practice Fixes that Backfire, Shifting the Burden, and
Limits to Success. Practice these with real examples from the group.
  - typical system interventions
  - debrief

For a longer program, I would add
  - creating causal loop diagrams (without the guidance of the archetypes)
  - practice the "steps" with a packaged case
  - a serious "own case" exercise

I specialize in teaching this material and would be happy to have a side
conversation with you... If interested, just give me a call.

Finally, LO readers might have additional suggestions if you want to say a
bit more about the context and the objectives of the program.

Hope this is helpful.

   -=- Rick

>I'm conducting a one and a half day seminar on systems thinking. I was
>wondering if anyone knew where I could find videos, simulations and/or
>materials that relate to systems thinking?


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