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From: C. Hilscher (
Date: 05/02/00

In reply to Andrew (LO24522),

Thank you for your comments about the descendent of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Few people from my local area have ever heard of the man. However, among
my friends and acquaintances, every person who hails from Great Britain is
knowledgable about Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about Shackleton's
expedition to the antarctic, I recommend the Shackleton's own book
entitled "South". Shackleton's leadership style was particularly
interesting to me because he faced ever changing situations and life
threatening risks as his party became stranded for almost two years. He
was adept in changing their plans quickly as conditions became worse (see
the quote below), he identified the other leaders among the group and knew
when to charge them with a leadership task, and he displayed heroic
courage in sailing a 22 foot long life boat from the Antarctic to South
Georgia island. This journey saved the lives of all the men in the party.
When reading his book, it is clear that he took his responsibility to his
men very seriously.

I guess I am a sucker for the whole story because I have worked in a few
situations where "the boss" abandons the troops when problems (or
failures) come along. Creating as much distance from problems has saved
the careers of a few managers I have known. Those leaders who stick it
out and support their people through the toughest of times are truly noble

"The task now was to secure the safety of the party, and to that I must
bend my energies and mental power and apply every bit of knowledge and
experience of the Antarctic had given me. A man must shape himself to a
new mark directly the old one goes to ground." Written by Sir Ernest
Shackleton shortly after his ship was crushed by Antarctic ice.

Claire Hilscher
Shackleton Resources
Vancouver, BC


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