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Date: 05/04/00

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Dear Organlerners,

At 03:22 AM 5/1/00 EDT, Andrew wrote:
>Dear Learners,
>This 'summary' is both the content and the form
>Open letter to a 'virtual' team member......
>'-most of us have not seriously cultivated the state of being needed to
>work with fields...' Joe Jaworski
>' -most of us need to joyfully cultivate the phase of becoming needed to
>work among the fields...' Andrew Campbell
>'- most of the action happens on the other side of the hedge, I don't
>dictate which one.' Piers Plowman.
>Both/and 'The fields'

Thank you Andrew for the metaphor,

>From the perspective of a virtual team-member who chose to be fielded in
this organization (LO-list) it seems impossible not to 'seriously
cultivate' the need to work with fields -

when i look at some recently mentioned topics:

- Oldies / Newies (how is this measured?)
- Teachers / Students (are they all so demanding?)
- Ls (those who write long mails) / Readers
- Boys / Girls (appered only lately)
- English / Dutch / German / African / Hebrew speakers (this becomes
even more complicated).

(i picked up only the overt and politically correct).

Each and every topic can be embeded in the structure of a Field:
{F, +, *} - Elements and Operations (it could be very interesting to go
into details in a mutual study).
All together make a "bigger" (multi-dimentional, vector) Field.

I think the action takes place everywhere but more visible on the hedges,
that's why i prefere the expression "among the fields" in Andrew's
self-qoute, and of course agree with his remark.

I also think it brings much life to the discussion - We'd better Joyfully
cultivate this phase.

I wrote only about mathematical Fields (mainly form), leaving the rest to
*.experts (Gravity, War, Agriculture etc.). It's a real joy to meet such
rich a metaphor, and there is much more to react upon.

Strawberry Fields Forever,


PS. Your friend, i think (sorry - no smaller letters), is talking about
non-existing, abstract inventions of our language (any artifficial
language) - inventions that became vital amongst the Fields.

Dr. Judy Tal
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