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Date: 05/04/00

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Dear Beth,

I do not have knowledge of several quotes for you to use on your essay,
But I can give you my own brief observation::

United States culture is like a book comprised of many different symbols
of potential, ( a symbol - kind of like a "?" question mark) to much of
the world.

So to make an analogy....

To many in the world, U.S. citizens live lives, that are kind of like
symbols found within various written languages and alphabets (I guess if I
could be any letter or symbol of my choice, I would be a "Y". some are
"O's" some would chose to be "!" exclamation points, some "," commas",
yet others "." periods").

Often U.S. citizens find membership within many different forms and kinds
of groups.

So we can almost say that groups within our culture serve as sentences,
making statement after statement.

So if "signs" are a "compressed" form of statement, then each of us should
be able to read signs that might lead us towards laughter, or remorse.

Not to trifle with your intelligence, but please look up some of the words
such as "symbol"; "potential" and others in a good dictionary you may find
reading and writing very entertaining if you see several points of view
for your self.

Good luck,
Best regards,

LTJG Jon D. Hill

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