LO: learning or teaching list? LO24574

From: Meera (ama@tvt.cumi.co.in)
Date: 05/08/00

Replying to LO24384 --

This is a belated reply to Winfred Deijman - LO or Teaching List.

"I have something on my chest I want to share with this list.

It is about a tendency I have noticed within me in connection to this
list, in particular the way I browse through the messages. I am skipping a
lot of it. It feels for me more and more as if I have read before most of
the stuff that comes up; the words may have changed but the topics and
content remain more or less the same. Am I mistaken?

I am a lurker in this mailing list for quite some time and I don't feel
guilty about it. I happened to browse some old LO digests which I keep
hoping to find 'time' to read which I never do. I did and had to respond
to your posting

Thanks Winfred, you got me out of my - is it inertia..no I must admit that
I have been overawed by the beauty of some of the postings that I read and
manage to enjoy between working hours ( waking hours... more like it ).
But 'At' the end of it I feel mentally tired after wading thru concepts -
abstract or otherwise.

I try to read all the postings in between working hours and somehow the
day to day issues for which I need an immediate Solution.. take my time .

I also feel its okay to discuss abstract concepts and high fundas. But if
it cant help me make a difference to the time my employees are putting at
the Factory...well its not a prirority. I will be a lurker.

All theory discussed is fine so far as it will make a difference in the
life of an employee - at work or otherwise.

Love to all of you


"Meera" <ama@tvt.cumi.co.in>

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