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From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 05/15/00

Replying to LO24574 --

Hello Meera,

Thank you for your kind reply,

. Circles. We make
. circles in the pebbled beatch*.
. And then the tides comes...And the wind blows...
. And then the waves beat and the tides goes .. Washed
. ashore, a message in a bottle. A message arrived at
. the shore: not the circles but the pebbles on
. the beach. The circles seem impressed:
. how can a bottled message make
. an impression on the circle of
. the beach. Not the circle
. but the pebbles on the
. beach. What not the
. eye sees only
. the heart
. knows
. beat
. be
. @

So, i myself browse through the list now. wondering indeed how many time
the same topics come up. The same ideas being refreshed. reshaped. turn
around.. Nature makes beautiful pebbles by washing and polishing raw
ones. This is what this list does: it refines and polishes and draws out
and shapes the same old ideas. On a pebbly shore: always look for the ones
that are shaped like a hearth.

> This is a belated reply to Winfred Deijman - LO or Teaching List.
> "I have something on my chest I want to share with this list.
> It is about a tendency I have noticed within me in connection to this
> list, in particular the way I browse through the messages. I am skipping a
> lot of it. It feels for me more and more as if I have read before most of
> the stuff that comes up; the words may have changed but the topics and
> content remain more or less the same. Am I mistaken?
> I am a lurker in this mailing list for quite some time and I don't feel
> guilty about it. I happened to browse some old LO digests which I keep
> hoping to find 'time' to read which I never do. I did and had to respond
> to your posting
> Thanks Winfred, you got me out of my - is it inertia..no I must admit that
> I have been overawed by the beauty of some of the postings that I read and
> manage to enjoy between working hours ( waking hours... more like it ).
> But 'At' the end of it I feel mentally tired after wading thru concepts -
> abstract or otherwise.
> I try to read all the postings in between working hours and somehow the
> day to day issues for which I need an immediate Solution.. take my time .

Nothing as practicle as a good theory. This i found a good theory: the
solution to an issue is already there, you only have to stop looking for
it. The Solution, however, is a different Issue. I have a Solution, but
this message is not big enough to contain it.

> I also feel its okay to discuss abstract concepts and high fundas. But if
> it cant help me make a difference to the time my employees are putting at
> the Factory...well its not a prirority. I will be a lurker.

Information is information that makes a difference, but i cannot read
people's minds and do not know ex ante what will make a difference....
I've worked in a factory too and i tried to make a difference by sharing
concepts, because i believe that the best way to learn something is to
teach. Teaching (concepts from physics, it, logistics, change, groups)
learned me about the different ideas people have on these concepts and
thereby refined my own ideas. That is also i think this list is about.
When in doubt, start a dialogue...draw a circle and let the wind and the
water do the work.

> All theory discussed is fine so far as it will make a difference in the
> life of an employee - at work or otherwise.
> Love to all of you
> Meera

Love to you,


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