Antw.: Values and feelings LO24583

From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 05/10/00

Replying to LO24569 --

Philip wrote in response to Dennis:

>Thank you for this beautiful, wise and insightful message that greeted me
>when I booted my computer this morning. I will think about it for a long

On Monday, in a Hotel after lunch, I got a nice smelling, good cup of
coffee, added some sugar and milk, to really enjoy it. Many messages here
are like such cups of coffee (I often read the list during lunch break,
Dennis one certainly was) and good responses remind me of adding sugar and
milk to those cups.

Now, last Monday, when I wanted to drink the coffee, I realized that
someone has had mixed salt into the sugar.

The same feeling has returned, while continuing to read what has started
like adding sugar:

> ... in contrast to some of the more "academic" or "psuedo-academic"
> posts that
> at times reveal more about the sender's struggle for intellectual
> recognition by
> his/her peers, than of a genuine search for wisdom and understanding.

Just a very direct feeling.

I think there is no reason to disregard any contribution on this list,
especially not in such a broad way.

Liebe Gruesse,


P.S.: I realize that I have written a mail that will induce a similar
feeling as I have within you, the reader - either with me, because you
share my point of view, or against me, because you don't. It makes me
think of sender's (my, in this case) struggle for emotional recognition...


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