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Date: 05/07/00

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Dear Dennis,

Thank you for this beautiful, wise and insightful message that greeted me
when I booted my computer this morning.

I will think about it for a long time, in contrast to some of the more
"academic" or "psuedo-academic" posts that at times reveal more about the
sender's struggle for intellectual recognition by his/her peers, than of a
genuine search for wisdom and understanding.

Kind regards,



At 21:49 05/05/00 +1200, you wrote:
>Hello Corina,
>Your message struck a cord with me (made me think deeply). I was born
>into poverty. The first memories I have of a bath tub are of a 44 gallon
>oil drum cut in half length wise filled with water carted from a spring
>many metres from our homstead by horse and sled and heated in a copper
>container with firewood. We used to use lengths of timber to stop it from
>tipping and spilling all the water onto the ground.
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"How can a part know the whole? Man is related to everything that he
knows. And everything is both cause and effect, working and worked upon,
mediate and immediate, all things mutually dependent."

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