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From: John Zavacki (
Date: 05/11/00

Replying to LO24571 --

I have been silent, barely able to read all of the messages from the list
in the past few weeks. I have been traveling, learning, teaching a bit,
but my energy levels are still high and I am squeezing in this message as
a paean to learning, my own, which I hope will be of value.

In one of his crypto-cultural missives, AT writes:

> When will we begin with a new "dance of change" which involves
> "becoming-being", i.e. liveness?

I've read a few of AT's dissertations in the past few weeks and looked at
the contexts of his use of the terms being and becoming (alternately be
and become) and I've compared them to my (30 year old) notes on
Heidigger's sein, seinde, mitsein, etc. It all comes down to how the
individual understands being (regardless of its relationship to time).

To be is to change. I won't try to give the cells names, nor will I try
to show some little formula. They change. Daily, and more frequently.
The ones in the brain and the ones in the gonads. The ones in the brain,
especially change, as we are exposed to new faces, new voices, new
experiences. The Transformational Generative Linguists used to say that
every sentence is unique. Every breath is, to me. The dance of change is
a sacred duty and a sacred gift. It uses both the conscious and the
unconcious soul to create a new and different world from every dream and
every wakening. What AT calls 'liveness' is present in even the most
tired and down-trodden soul. The difference is in the quality of the
experience, the depth of consciousness, the richness of the

AT once asked me what I think of intimidation. I took my time in
answering, but here it is. There are physical, emotional, and
intellectual bullies. They all add up to the same thing: unbecomers, a
good word to throw into the unlearning stew, perhaps as a spice.

As for the dance, I'm doing it, sometimes a Polka, others, a Waltz, more
often than now, a Jig, in rememberance of joy.

John the Polish Poet and Once and Future Linguist


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