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Dear John and co-org. learners,

On Thu, 11 May 2000 06:04:34 -0400 "John Zavacki"
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> > When will we begin with a new "dance of change" which involves
> > "becoming-being", i.e. liveness?
> It all comes down to how the individual understands being (regardless
> of its relationship to
> time). To be is to change. I won't try to give the cells names, nor
> will I try to show some little formula. They change. Daily, and more
> frequently.
> The ones in the brain and the ones in the gonads.

I think in your response you contribute something very valuable to any
dialogue about temporality and its relation to "Being." Time is such a
culture-bound experience. Therefore, relative to any discussion about
"Being" it may not be so useful to draw from temporal assumptions, but
rather, as you do, to focus on the phenomenon of change itself, which
places the experience of "Being" where it belongs----as an experience to
be experienced by the experiencer, and not as a static definition or
representation or as a description of the phenomenon (as in formulas and
abstract tomes).

Feeling being in one's gonads or ovaries as the case may be, is likely
more to the point. To put it another way, for me its like the difference
between describing meditation and being in the process of meditating.
There is a major psychophysiological difference between these two.
Personally I prefer the latter to the former, else I fail to "get" the
experience of meditating and miss a learning oportunity of healing and
wholeness because I remain in my head. I think you said this in another
way when you wrote about this:
> AT once asked me what I think of intimidation. I took my time in
> answering, but here it is. There are physical, emotional, and
> intellectual bullies. They all add up to the same thing:
> unbecomers, a good word to throw into the unlearning stew, perhaps as
> a spice.
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