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Date: 05/15/00

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Dear At & Others

> Gavin Ritz <> writes:
> >I gave you something that you did not receive. I will share
> >this with you once again for the last time least you "perish
> >on the way seeking to find what you desire"
> >
> >The formula for your motives lies is in this simple concept.
> >Do not rush to defend your point but think and experience
> >what I am going to say and do not answer me, I have no need
> >to pursue this point.
> Greetings Gavin,
> Thank you much for your consideration.
> Dear Gavin, I am smiling because what you are asking from me in your reply
> LO24563 is to become a tacit learner. You have used my own desert
> experiences to do so. Perhaps the imagination of some fellow learners is
> not any more like it had been when they were kids. So let me spell it out
> -- when going alone into the desert to learn, one becomes a tacit learner
> with the advantage that nobody else is there to control one's learning so
> that one has to take control of one's own learning.
> I enjoy my tacit learning. I also enjoy my participation in LOs. Why
> should I make a choice between the two?

Very good response, now I am not asking you to do what you say. I think
you have thought about this rather than dive in to protect. That is a
learning experience.

> What greater beauty is there than a child who is learning how to express
> his/her daily experiences with the whole of his/her personality by
> self-control of creativity in a constructive manner?
> >Listen carefully.
> (Snip)
> >Do not defend your point.
> >
> >Here is the secret again.
> (Snip)
> >Remember the formula is the tension between: the hoped-for ideals,
> >desires and our feared disadvantages, losses and dreads.
> >
> >This is how humans are controlled by the very values and mechanisms
> >you mention in your paragraph.
> >
> >It controls you,
> (Snip)
> >Contemplated this and you will have learnt' something.
> >
> >Kindest
> Dear Gavin, there are at least three questions which have to be
> answered. You have succeeded in answering one of them.
> How does the control happen?
> Where does the control originate from?
> What happens to our motivation when the source of
> control shifts?
> I leave it now to up to all fellow learners to answer the other two or
> leave them unanswered. I leave it also up to them to express their answers
> or remain silent about it. I leave it up to them to create other questions
> on this issue, trying to answer some of them.
> As for me, I will continue learning from their actions.

Good on you.

> NO. On last thoughts -- tension (intensive differences) involves mainly
> spareness. What about liveness, sureness, wholeness, fruitfulness,
> otherness and openness? Paint a rich picture self in which they are
> involved too!

Yes I will not answer that but the answer lies, in the first answer. If
you know how motivation controls you then you see where it comes from and
always be aware of it. Your awareness of this control was the point of my
other massages. I think from this string we are beginning to come a full

Liveliness, fruitfulness are motivators with the strong sexual motivator
plus the creative motivator of expression, it has abundance and
nourishment too while openness is the unbounded which is also that of
expression or even grandiosity. The others are motivational behaviors,
wholeness is a mixture of affiliative, abundance and harmony. There is not
one that is not a motivator in some form or other.



Gavin Ritz <>

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