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Date: 05/12/00

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In response to Corina.

Hi Corina, and thanks for posting in my only spoken language - English.
My laziness means I struggle to learn in the only language I know, you are
seeking to learn new things, in a language that is not your native and you
STILL ask the difficult questions! Thanks.

Why do I write to this list, because I wish to learn through interaction
with others who have knowledge different to my own and I guess because I
have an ego which suggests that I may be abloe to contribute to others
understanding - I hope I can.

I use BIG words at times, why. Sometimes it is because I get carried
away. Sometimes because there may be similies that are shorter but they
are not exact similies. SOmetimes to hide my ignorance - if I use a big
enough word no one will challenge my tissue thin understanding - this one
does not work. And I guess some times to show off. I know a big word -
do you. Sometimes they can illustrate a point better than a short, or
group of short word do as they force the reader to read them rather than
bouncing over them. ANd other times they can serve to mediate learning.
I have a friend who uses big words and he started me off on a path of
learning that I am still carrering along like a runaway car. He said, "I
am an iconoclast and I can recognise a skeuomorph when I see one" It made
me think.

I hope I do not put myself in a superior position when I write. I am
painfully aware that whilst I know a lot everyone out there knows alot
that I do not, but if I do put myself in a superior position I expect
someone to knock the chair from under me!

As to meeting others, I would love to. written communication is so poor
and cold compared to face to face conversation and exploration. But the
distances from South Wales to Romania. New Zeeland etc are just a bit too
much at the moment....

I am not a PhD, though my ego would like to be able to say we have one -
and a proof to myself that others think I know what I am prattleing on
about. However I try to be aware that Copernicus would probably not get a
PhD for his Heliocentric view of the solar system because he was 'wrong'
according to most of his peers.

I came to this list via another - The Deming Electronic Network - where
one of the posts from this list was posted as interest. In both places I
find people who take my ideas and question them, and thus I learn. I
hope. I like this list because we are looking at concepts and ideas,
whilst on the DEN we sometimes get bogged down in the 'cannonisation' of
Dr Deming which I find really boring, but I reccomend it if you wish to
learn about Dr Deming's approach to system thinking and management.
( is the mailing address and requests to
there will get you added to the list.)

Thanks for asking the questions and causing me to challenge my thinking.



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