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Date: 05/16/00

My search for performance measurement-related articles on the web has
turned up four articles for your review (plus one special offer for
visitors to my website). This brings the total number of articles to 51.
I hope they are helpful.

In this issue:

* Time to Examine the Exam
* Making the Balanced Scorecard Approach Payoff
* Special offer for ZPG Website visitors
* Rewards, Interest and Performance: An Evaluation of Experimental
* Why You Should Think Twice About 360 Degree Appraisal

>Time to Examine the Exam

Canadian article reviews reasons against performance appraisal and why
they often don't work. Financial Post, 10/99

>Making the Balanced Scorecard Approach Payoff

The best way to get a work force's attention about corporate focus is to
link achievement of the desired results directly to rewards. This also is
true for the "balanced scorecard" technique. Results of a new study show
that a strong linkage to compensation has helped to promote a more rapid
and robust pace for change in organizations that have been most
successful in implementing the balanced scorecard approach. ACA Journal,

>Special offer for ZPG Website visitors

Many of you have come to my website looking for ideas for how to measure
hard-to-measure work. QuickMeasures, our online measurement idea
database, contains 7000+ examples for you to borrow and modify. Now you
can speed up the measurement process and create more objective goals at
lower cost. A 7-day trial subscription to QuickMeasures is now available
for only $5.95 with your credit card. Visit the link above for details.

>Rewards, Interest and Performance: An Evaluation of Experimental Findings

An analysis of more than 25 years of research concerning rewards and
performance indicates that rewards can be used effectively to enhance
interest and performance. This article provides a research-based rebuttal
to Alfie Kohn's opinion-based message that rewards don't work. ACA
Journal, 12/97.

>Why You Should Think Twice About 360 Degree Appraisal

Bob Kent discusses why you should "look before you leap" into using 360
Degree Assessment as part of your performance appraisal process. Mansis
Development Corporation, 1999.


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