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From: Judy Tal (judyt@netvision.net.il)
Date: 05/16/00

Replying to LO24575 --

Greetings to All,

At (11:50 AM 5/9/00 +0200), you wrote:
(yes, At wrote it - and as punning on At's name became part of our
organizational culture i couldn't un-notice the opportunity at hand - hope
you don't mind At all ;-D).

>What a nice expression for the associative pattern of wholeness:
> thinking * all falling in between * feeling
>But will it be nice of me to ask what is this "all that falls in

Thanks for asking At,
And will it be nice of me not to answer? ;-D

I think i should ... I feel i would ... - hope my answer will fall nicely
in between.

Let me just roll the words in my mind - let them flow - play some
mind game:


These {} pairs and many others (unprisoned from this T-F game) are not
neccessarily opposites, but they bear enough difference - they embed
enough space in between - to contain and evoke the ongoing tension (some
may say paradox) that keeps the wheels go round - keeps the learning.

Thinking is Cool, at least for me. Feeling can sometimes become Hot, at
least for me. Thus, all in between is "all in between".

Sejeela called our attention to two interesting books: "Women't Way's of
Knowing" and "Knowledge, Difference, and Power". Both books unveil various
ways of knowing and of learning and classify them as "Women's Ways". Pity.
It is not always so bisected, and it certainly shouldn't be - as Sejeela
pointed out: gender related but not gender specific.

But ... when i further read your message (At) or browse in recent
contributions to this list ... i witness (eye-witness) a new positive,
open and creative stream of "Ways of Learning" ... "all in between".

keep the flow,
Judy Tal

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