Is Myth the Human Race's Knowledge Base? LO24627

From: Payne, Robert E. (
Date: 05/17/00

Perhaps this question has already been debated on this list and I missed
the thread. I've been listening to Joseph Campbell who describes myth as
"Man's understanding of his environment." As I've listened, I'm
fascinated by how myth and similarities between myth across cultures and
through time that Campbell describes in his Transformations of Myth
Through TIme lectures is remarkably similar to what we might describe as
"Lessons-Learned" in our modern organizational vernacular. And, if we
understand myth to be the "lessons-learned" of the human race then the
body of myth would our Knowledge Base?

Can anybody direct me to any work on linking organizational learning and
knowledge management to Campbell's work?


Bob Payne
Executive Support
Air Combat Systems, Integrated Systems and Aerostructures
Northrop Grumman Corp.
El Segundo, CA


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