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Date: 05/18/00

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I have developed a number of organizational models/interventions based on
mythological figures and/or the mythological journey. Some of these have
been published and some not. I can tell you more about these if you are
interested. I'm an old armchair cross-cultural mythologist---have been
worjking these themes for over twenty years, so by the time I became
involved in Oragnizational transformation work it seemed a natural to
integrate the two.

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On Wed, 17 May 2000 07:39:32 -0700 "Payne, Robert E."
<> writes:
> Perhaps this question has already been debated on this list and I
> missed
> the thread. I've been listening to Joseph Campbell who describes
> myth as
> "Man's understanding of his environment." As I've listened, I'm
> fascinated by how myth and similarities between myth across cultures
> and
> through time that Campbell describes in his Transformations of Myth
> Through TIme lectures is remarkably similar to what we might
> describe as
> "Lessons-Learned" in our modern organizational vernacular.

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