Women's Ways of Learning LO24632

From: Judy Tal (judyt@netvision.net.il)
Date: 05/18/00

Replying to LO24575 --

Dear At,

I feel and I think you deserve compliments for your ongoing rich
contributions to this list - your effort is sometimes taken for granted by
us - after all we enjoy the effortless opportunity not to read.

Moreover, I feel and I think you deserve special compliments for your
courageous opennes when sharing with us details of your private life and
experience. This should never be taken for granted by us - we should make
the least effort and drop you a word: THANKS.


Dr. Judy R. Tal
LCL-Learning Cycles (1999)
+972 3 6997903
+972 54 666294


Judy Tal <judyt@netvision.net.il>

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