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From: Sooksan Kantabutra (
Date: 05/23/00

Hello all,

My name is Sooksan Kantabutra. I'm a doctoral student at Macquarie
Graduate School of Management in Sydney. My doctoral research is built
around how to develop and nurture a learning organization in a hospital in
Thailand. My work experience has been with an international consulting
firm in Bangkok. My specialization then was in the Change Management

I'm always curious about what factors are in transforming a Thai
organization into a learning organization. I believe it must be different
from those of the west. For example, I think rewards could be employed as
an accelerating mechanism in the transformation process in Thailand.
There are always cultural differences involved in this matter.

I would like to ask you all if anyone know of the implementation of
Senge's learning organization concept in Asian countries. How would you
determine if an org. is successfully transformed? Are there any measures?
For example, how would I know if organizational members have developed
systems thinking abilities? Any direction to the answers of these
questions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Best regards,

Sooksan Ben Kantabutra
Research Office, MGSM
Macquarie University


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