Resistance to Change LO24679

From: Richard Karash (
Date: 05/25/00

Replying to LO24665 --

OK, Jan... I notice you removed the "re" from words that had it. Thus
"resistance" became " sistence."

Then you added "re-" to some other words. So "what moves or matters..."
became "what re-moves or re-matters..."

Now, please tell us what this means for you!

   -=- Rick

>Replying to LO24648 --
>[Host's Note: Jan is apparently correcting his earlier msg... Normally,
>only the US congress has the open license to re-write their
>contributions... that is, normally, I don't distribute full-test
>re-writes, but there appears to be a joke/pun throughout the text here.
>Jan Lelie re-wrote:
>> Hello Jan and other movers and shakers,
>> Thank you peating in your words what i tried to say. I also re-think and
>> feel that people re-act consistently with their beliefs, re-do
>>what they feel
>> is
>> {"right", "good", the way, what re-moves or re-matters for them}. I re-use
>> the term
>> "feel sistance" when people are confronted with was is not consistent
>> with their belief and i re-thought that i said that in this feeling of
>> sistance is the re-learning. People {re-move, re-act, re-change behave}


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