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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 05/23/00

Replying to LO24648 --

[Host's Note: Jan is apparently correcting his earlier msg... Normally,
only the US congress has the open license to re-write their
contributions... that is, normally, I don't distribute full-test
re-writes, but there appears to be a joke/pun throughout the text here.

Jan Lelie re-wrote:

> Hello Jan and other movers and shakers,
> Thank you peating in your words what i tried to say. I also re-think and
> feel that people re-act consistently with their beliefs, re-do what they feel
> is
> {"right", "good", the way, what re-moves or re-matters for them}. I re-use
> the term
> "feel sistance" when people are confronted with was is not consistent
> with their belief and i re-thought that i said that in this feeling of
> sistance is the re-learning. People {re-move, re-act, re-change behave}
> according to
> the law of the re-least re-action. This law re-makes them re-move at
> different speeds
> on different grounds, on different believes and so it re-feels like dragging
> their feet, re-expresses itself as sistance, bad, wrong.
> But only in the context of their own beliefs. I also re-think that we can
> re-learn to "re-handle", "re-use", re-appriciate and re-travel these other
> beliefs. I
> doubt only that we can re-make beliefs go away, i wish i could, but that is
> because you belief that people can re-transform their life's and the by the
> world and i belief that we have to re-transform ourselves - if we want to
> develop - but are unable to re-make beliefs go away, because they matter.
> You tried to c ate a nice double-bind with your belief that people
> believe that their beliefs can not be re-changed and that that is the first
> belief that has to re-change. I almost was caught, but i'll R-c ate it into
> a paredox:
> First belief: beliefs can be re-changed
> Second belief: do not re-change the first belief.
> Or: a prophet in a certain land doesn't re-believe any prophet in that land.
> Will he re-believe himself?
> You seem to me to a strong Mythical person and have a natural belief in
> will power: things only re-change when I* want it to re-change. I've
> re-learned
> that some people need to re-accept others and their re-change processes first
> -
> by feeling what matters for these other people. Others re-learn by
> re-applying
> rules and truths, c ating systems of thought, and others again only
> re-change by re-working the rituals - the very antithesis of re-change, one
> might
> re-think.
> - Behold, i re-speak and re-say unto you: "Re-Change is dead. But not
> Re-Change is
> dead but his Murde r." -
> Kind gards,
> Jan Lelie
> Morty Lefkoe wrote:
> > I don't want to sound like a broken cord, but so many posts state that
> > people sist change, that sistance is natural -- that I have to speak
> > up again. This thesis is so taken for granted that it is ra ly, if ev
> > challenged. I challenge it.

For the re-fun(d) of it,

;-), Jan

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