Centers of Excellence learning group forming LO24689

From: Denham Grey (
Date: 05/27/00

Participants are invited to join our learning group as we explore Centers
of Excellence.

What exactly is a CoE?
How does this differ from a knowledge community
or a community of practice?.
Where & what are examples of excellent CoEs?
What are some of the best practices?
Is the concept of CoEs viable or will they self-
destruct due to closed boundaries, arrogance,
NIH syndrome or other pathologies?
What should be done to keep the boundaries
Do CoEs differ depending on industry?
Can you help us craft a CoE taxonomy?

Join us and add your own experiences, share our stories, voice your
perceptions, help us surface common assumptions and steer the dialog.
Registration is required, but free.

See you there!


Denham Grey <>

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