"Physician, heal yourself." Nietzsche. Thus Spake Zarathustra LO24688

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/26/00

Replying to LO24670 --

Dear Learners,
In Resistance to Change LO24670 by Rick Parkany
we are inFORMED carefully via a posting to At de Lange,

>I urge you to include in your analyses that underpin your use of metaphor,
>though, to consider that in *authentic* linguistic transactions, we have,
>in addition to semantics and syntax (definition and grammar), semiotics
>(sense or meaning).


(Semiotics) more properly ;-( Semeilogy, semeiotics (OED) Study of SIGNS

(Semantics) more properly (ie NOT "definition";-) "Branch of philosophy
concerned with MEANINGS." (OED)

(Syntax) more properly ( ie "whole") "Arrangement of connections showing
relation, which is merely a department of grammar DEALING with usages of
grammatical construction." (OED)

Semiotics [now more properly Semeilogy] is, as in medicine "Study of
symptoms of disease." ;-(

Look up "Syntax" elsewhere and elsewise and you will find, " The PART of
grammar dealing with inflexions ie. with accidents or non-essentials of
words, etc, etc." the word you will find is ACCIDENCE.

Perhaps it is as well you 'promote' just words and not medicines,
otherwise we might all be in CASUALty

If this is how you pull OUR words 'apart' please, do NOT take up brain
surgery <|;-)))))))))

Your jovially,

Andrew Campbell



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