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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/28/00

Replying to LO24680 --

Dear Lana Choi,

"Some people will listen." David Bohm

Thank you for your carefully expressed thoughts on recent virtual events
in LO24680.

In your first paragraph you write of re-creating the thread into, "HOLISTIC
In almost the final paragraph you write, "Sorry for this incredibly long and
winding message. Clarity, focus and organization are certainly not my strong
points!!! But if I don't just write these thoughts and get them out there, I
will never end up responding and may gradually disengage from the dialogues
here, as I feel we move further away from mutual understanding and more
towards eclectic soliloquies, such as mine!"

If "eclectic" means what I take it to mean and "soliloquies" means what I
take it to mean, and if HOLISTIC means what I take it to mean and WAYS
takes what I take it to mean ;-) and if LEARNING means what I take it to
mean and if "Sorry" means what I take it to mean, and if "incredibly long
and winding" means what I take it to mean and "Clarity, focus and
organisation" means what I take it to mean, and if "writing these
thoughts" means what I take it to mean and " never end up" means what I
take it to mean and "disengage" and "dialogues" mean what I take 'both' to
mean and "mutual" means what I take it to mean then "Eclectic soliloquies"
such as "-YOURS" is the most powerful 'actualized' expression as an
'enacting' of the things you 'espouse' in the 'becoming' of your most
'laudable vision' that I have been offered the pleasure of sharing for a
long time.

Learning organizations of which this place is just but a partial expression
offers people like you Lena and me an opportunity to choose.
You seem to look both closely and clearly and practice the ability to balance
it with some soft focus of your reason 'at a distance'.
This may provide you the power of leverage, but which is useless without your
wider wisdom of where to apply the fulcrum.
You glimpse beyond the here and now 'want and need' of this 'place' by
calling for an expansion to it's expressive capacity. Bravo!
This should be a place not just of saying what we 'know' or 'think we know'
or what we think others should 'know' but it might encompass us (well it sure
encompasses me) to acknowledge the value to all and any of the 'practice
field' while in the company of peers. Fearing not mistakes in any form since
they are a fundament of genius, which I find everywhere. It can become a
place for collective personal mastery, private and public, both/and. Senge
says, "we need to surface and restructure mental models." In this we can
"rewrite" the code.
He writes toward the end of The Fifth Discipline, " -altering not just what
we think, but our predominant ways of thinking. - For evolution of
intelligence." (Metanoia?)

My 'take' on some of your issues revolves around what the authenticity of the
unconscious can bring to this place.

HOLISTIC. Isn't that a 'form and content' of Eclecticism by another name;
some/one choosing to express philosophically 'freely from all around' without
recourse to the bindings of this faculty or that faculty?
A kind of One among Many Mapping?
A kind of experimenting out loud; a sort of 'tightrope walking of talking'?

I used to wonder before I wrote in this place whether I 'deserved' to;-)
after a life of sensing judgements 'undeserving'.

A LO colleague took the trouble to give me this which I share.

"I wake to sleep and take my waking slow. I learn by going where I have to
go." T. Roethke (Poet)
"We must simply act, fully knowing our ignorance of possible consequences."
K. Arrow (Economist)
" I think fear of failure is why I try things..Žif I see that there is
something of value in something and I'm not sure whether I deserve to attempt
it, I want to find out." Keith Jarrett (Pianist)

Lena, you go (metaphorically of course) F*** "Sorry"!

I go Feel "Glad".

Hey Rick, are you going to "pass" that ;-)

We all need to 'find out'.


Andrew Campbell



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