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Date: 05/28/00

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Dear Corinna, Sajeela, Michael H and friends,

Gosh, I totally missed out on this discussion. I think I read one early
post and thought it was heading into more "abstract thesis". Thanks to
many of you for your posts reaffirming what I too experience here and what
kept/keeps me from posting on here--ie, intimidation, superiority
paradigms, etc. (Unfortunately I write these long-winded posts trying to
express my concerns which don't say very much in the end.)

However, I know that there are many positive sides to this, as well. The
trick, as Harriet mentioned, is to simply pick and choose. Hierarchies are
also often a means to quality-building--culling and refining the gems of
'wisdom'. Though as an eternal bottom-of-the-runger (that's where my
affinity lies--by the people, for the people), I personally feel there is
much to be said for simple honesty and emotional sharing. Do I have to be
Einstein to qualify here? But yes, sometimes that also becomes very trite
and tiresome. I guess it's always about balance and variety.

Anyway, all this said, I wonder if we could actually find a cyber-space
project to work on that will allow some of us who learn more by doing,
feeling, or experiencing to find some commmon ground and build a sense of

Here is one suggestion:

Someone way back posted a link to Natrificial, now called The Brain. This
intuitive specially-patented human-edited search engine is pretty amazing
and they're always looking for editors.

Check it out here:

What we could do is collaborate on doing one area -- ie, learning
organizations or community collaborative learning. This way we can all
bring our individual wisdoms to the table in trying to put together great
links on the subject (including this listserv)and then have something to
look back on at the end, instead of only going in up-down cycles of growth
on this listserv, which doesn't mean we're not learning, but some of us
may want to put that learning into action and create results.

The Brain could be a place for action of sorts. We could discuss on here
which organizations, articles, books, personal homepages, contacts,
upcoming events, etc to include. We could even create a pictures page of
visions, people, places, etc that inspired our learning in some way.

More meandering thoughts from the confused one,

Lana Choi


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