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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Cambell < > writes:

>Dearest At,
>Today I was 'given' these numbers that are about one fifth
>part of a whole series. I do not know what they 'mean'. When
>I say that I am telling you a lie and in telling you that I uncover
>a truth;-)

Greetings Andrew,

Shame on you! Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I came to the university to
write a letter to a lady which I perhaps have disappointed to beg her
pardon. I quickly scanned through all my email and was struck by this
strange contribution by you. I took a copy home and worked on it until
after midnight. Thereafter I woke up almost every half an hour, wondering
what you are trying to accomplish.

>In this I was guided by a 'vision' which is my sharing to all
>who can read between the lines here. I surmise ;-) that a few
>people will be able to see the 'pattern' that these numbers
>IMPART to unfold, -- apart ;-( from the more obvious con-textual
>one. The story, as a vision, will elucidate because it is not my
>purpose to confuse or obsfucate.

For the benefit of fellow learners I will write down the numbers.
(Each number represents a group of citations.)
......, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, ......27, 28,
......, 31, 32, ......, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, ......, 42, 43, 44, 45,
47, 48, 49, 50, ......., 52, 53, ......,

It is funny how the mind works.

Because of my mathematical training, I first searched for a regular
pattern in the numbers. I found only one, namely that they are
ordered in increasing value. Then I began to search for other
I found only one, namely that the "holes" (the "......") among them
are irregular in size and order (position). It is almost as if they
represent our understanding on the evolution of complexity.

Then I began to work through the citations themselves. I looked
up the whole context of each citation in a group and added these
contexts together to get the context of a group. Thus, with the all
the citations of a group, I tried to establish the message of a group.
As I proceeded, I perceived that many of the groups of citations
were directly related to facets of a certain topic X, say X(1), X(2),
X(3), ...... But others were definitely on topics A, B, C, ..... which
were only indirectly related to X and thus its facets X(1), X(2),
..... A few citations I could not find, but perhaps it is because I am
not used to the English abbreviations.

As I proceeded, I became more and more perplexed. What is our "adelphos"
actually doing here? It is easy to look up each citation. It is a little
bit more difficult to establish the meaning of each group of citations
from X(1), X(2), X(3), ....A, B, C, .... It is most difficult to string
X(1), X(2), X(3), ....A, B, C, .... all together in one net.


Our "adelphos" gave us only a fifth of the numbers!!! I need all the
"holes" too, the "lurking numbers"!!!

Then, fourthly, I began to wonder why our "adelphos" put his head
into the noose ;-) The Bible is a sacred library (collection of books)
like the Vedas too. The Koran is also a sacred book. Most sacred
books have their content organised into small verses with each
numbered for easy reference. Should a person make reference to
one particular sacred book, the fundamentalists believing a different
book to be the one and only sacred book will hang that person
since the noose is already around the neck!

It is with these thoughts that I went to bed. Each time when I
woke up, I read our "adelphos"'s message and then some extracts
from the book Job. Some of our dear fellow learners will know that
Job was that very rich man (the Bill Gates of his time) with whom
everything began to get wrong. He lost everything. Even his three
friends condemned him in a friendly manner so as to tell him why
he lost everything -- to which he replied:
        Job 12:4~~ I am a joke to my friends. The one who called
        on God and Who answered him. The just and blameless
        man is a joke.
But while even bemoaning the day of his birth, Job peristed in
searching for God's "deep grace", a grace so deep that it could
neither be measured by wordly richdom nor by poverty. Job also
persisted in believing that the wisdom of awe (reverential fear) for
the Almighty will see him through his search.

Few will know that the book Job is the oldest in the Bible, some
three hundred years older than the first five books of Moses. It is
the same time span as between Newton's book Principia and
today's technology with the mountain of manuals supplementing
them. Even in Job's time closed dogma began to lift its head, so
much so that Job cried out:
        Job 6:14~~ For the dispairing man there should be kindness
        from his friends lest he forsake awe for the Almighty.
So when Job and his three friends said all which they could say
as authorities while unable to provide the answer, a fifth person
(the young Elihu) enters the scene, saying
        Job 32:6-8~~ I am young in years and you are old. Thus I
        was shy and afraid to tell you what I think. I thought age
        should speak and increased years should speak wisdom.
        But it is the spirit in the human and the breath of the
        which give understanding.

(Dear Winfried D, do you spot authenticity here?)

With this Job breaked loose from dogma and rushed to the edge of
        Job 38:1-3~~ The Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind
        and said: "Who is this that darkens council by words without
        knowledge? Now gird up your loins like a man and I will ask
        you and you teach me!"
What a profound network of questions on Creation! Eventually Job
had to conclude:
        Job 42:5~~ I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear,
        but now my eye sees Thee.
The Lord was not happy with the conduct of Job and even less with
that of his his three friends. But on the conduct of young Elihu the
Lord is silent. We hear nothing from young Elihu again. I repeat
-- we hear absolutely nothing from young Elihu again.

>-- A man was perambulating along the shorline to an
>ocean mediating/meditating upon the number three ;-) in
>the foreground ;-) which he necessarily occupies is a small
>child who lifts spoons of water from the ocean into a hole he
>has dug into the sand. The man remarks to the child, perhaps
>with a sort of patronising tone for all we know ;-),
>'You are wasting your time in futility' ;-( The child replied,
>'I can sooner put the whole ocean into this hole than you can
>understand 'three' ' ;-( Within the realm both occupy is an old
>dead or dying tree with amputated branches ;-( and behind
>over the other side of the bay ;-) is a city filled with evergreen
>trees. --

More than two thousand years later Jesus of Nazareth was
question by his disciples as to who is the greatest in the
kingdom of heaven. So Jesus called a child to come and stand
in their midst. Then he said:
        Matt 18:3-6~~ "Truely I say to you, unless you are
        converted and become like children, you shall never enter
        the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as
        this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
        And whoever receives one such child in my name receives
        me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who
        believes in me to stumble, it is better for him that a heavy
        millstone be hung around his neck and that he be drowned
        in the depth of the sea.

Adults in conflict over land dominance, technology dominance,
economical dominance, space dominance, male dominance,
Caucasian dominance, Christian dominance and whatever else
we can think of. Four thousand years ago Job implied tacitly
that the world and its future belongs to the young -- our children.
Two thousand years ago Jesus articulated that it is indeed the
case. Why dont we begin to act according to this most vital truth?
Can we, after two thousand years, afford to linger another even
one hundred years?

A couple of weeks ago my granddaughter Jessica had her third
dream on heaven. She came to me and asked the following
question: "Oupa, is God not perhaps a child?" I asked her to
tell me why she asks this question. She said that she looked
hard to find an adult in heaven, but she could not find any one.
Since God is in heaven too, God cannot be an adult. I gave her
a hug and said that she must keep on questioning until she sees
God who is Truth.

>Food for thought?

Yes, dearest Andrew. I refrained specifically from applying your
pattern as a metaphor so that you can see how correct your
surmise is. Thus I rather used the topic X to link to Job and our
task at hand.

My deepest prayer is that we adults will soon come to our senses
and see how foolish it is to claim the world and its future for us
adults, whether for a labeled section of adults or all the adults as
a whole. It is because of these claims that we alieniate our children
from the kingdom of heaven so that they can learn how to become
evil too.

Any organisation, whatever its kind, because of the very complex
future which is now ahead of us, will not emerge into a LO should
it not put the children foremost in its midst. Please, I beg all of
let us stop harming all the children and love them as God love(s)
all humans. The world belongs to them until their adulthood by
which time they will have to know how to give up their ownership
so as to take up their stewardship too. Let us set the example
for them.

I am going to send you a photo of Jessica taken a couple of
months before the blue dog episode. Her commanding eyes will
stun you. It is as if they ask -- what the hell are adults doing to
this world?

Early this morning as I left for work, a little later than usual, she
and her mother was coming out of their flat as I passed it. She
was without shoes! I nearly feignted and screached my truck to
a halt. She and her mother were smiling. "Why is she not wearing
shoes?" "The shoes are in her school bag." "Are you both crazy!"
"I want to feel the frost under my feet like the kids too poor to
afford shoes." O God, how stupid can an "oupa" be, even after
such a long night of learning.

With care and best wishes


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