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Date: 05/29/00

Replying to part of LO24676.

Dear At,

>Andrew, last week I had a PhD student from the engineering faculty. It
>was the same for him. He wants to work in this "new field" of your
>the "field" which I think is called technically complexity. But once
>again his superiors (I cannot call them mentors) want to prune and divide
>his work so as to fit it into their specialisations. Whereas he
>understands wholeness to be essential in his work, they care for their
>own positions.

Here is a true story recounted by a crofter in the Highlands for this
young man, to give him courage not that he seems to lack.

The crofter was with a shepherd from a neighbouring farm and they noticed
a lone sheep in a walled field. They remarked as to the improbability of
the one sheep being in one field while all his fellows were in the
adjoining field enjoying certainly greener grass. A third man, a walker
then joined them in conversation. He told them how he had traversed on
higher ground the perimeter of the patchwork of fields and had seen
something no-one had seen before. The lone sheep had acted as a 'step'
into the next field for the others to gain access. It remains untold if
anyone of the remaining sheep now in the 'new field' learned from their
mentor how to re-move again should the shepherd be late in coming to open
the gate.

Certain repetitions are necessary for some forms of Mastery to take place.
The Mastery of true service can be gained through the indivisible moment.
It is necessary all 'be there'.

The sheep > the wall > the field

De signatura rerum ;-)

"Est enim primum ea in rebus unitas, qua unumquodque sibi est unum sibique
constat etque cohaeret. Est ea secundo, per quam altera alteri creatura
unitur, et per quam demum omnes mundi partes unus sunt mundus. Tertia
atque omnium principalissima est, qua totum universum cum suo opifice
quasi exercitus cum suo duce est unum."

"I am a star travelling together with you." So wrote Albrecht Dieterich.

The Monad principle livingly expressed by a mere sheep. What a mircale?

Only the ~ innerandouter ~ may form the whole, and having no language the
'wall' does not exist and so any sheep can become 'any step' of in
ordinate ;-) complexity. So it is that many a sheep carries more or as
much imagination as many a perplexed 'Master of the Personal' (sic)

I have heard people speak of leadership as 'framing'. I think this a
confusing term. I think they mean to 'bring meaning together by
interpreting from within the widest context.' Well I think I will want to
write about frames in some other place and time, but if we just take it as
symbolising or signing a safe boundary let me take away that boundary and
name it consciousness, self consciousness or anyway that part of us which
is generally suppossed to be some opposite of the unconscious, the domains
of a 'tacit control' and 'uncontrol' but which in fact the seat of the
deepest personal mastery. Soul.

" Est itaque anima mundi, vita quaedem unica omnia replens, omnia
perfundens, omnia colligens et connectens, ut unam totius mundi
machinam...." and so when the soul or spirit or unconscious is "strong"
let as say 'more truly aligned' for the common purpose it may SERVE right
now, it begets CORRESPONDENCES. The little unwindowed MONADS of Leibnitz,
each a little world like the biological homo-realism of Maturana's
epistlographic meanderings? Man an "active indivisible mirror" (Jung).

Perception sits in the heart of this soul, which I do not want to write
about this evening;-)

Let me at last a little JOINING do for your 'fellow'.

Foreknowledge IS the imagination.

It is deep set in everything, all living matter.

Absolute knowledge, which is like collective unconscious.

If I could just STILL my mind for long enough I might just glimpse the

I trust increasingly in two just things, MY SOUL and MIRACLES. That a
'third man' would see and give account of such a mundanity;-)


Penetrating vision PERCEIVING all things and forming all things then --
'certificates' are not just meaningless but ludicrous and shameful

My 'unknown' Mr. friend, look for a certain only thing that fills all
things that it might make one frame for all the world and that frame will
be a face, your very face smiling in the face of need for

Mr. Blake just appeared over my shoulder, he just wrote on a scrap of
paper, " Did He who made the Lamb make thee?"

Will that do Mr. De Lange;-)


Mr. Andrew Campbell


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