Women's Ways of Learning LO24718

From: Ron Short (ron@learninginaction.com)
Date: 05/31/00

Replying to LO24687 --

The letters between AM de Lange and Sajeela Ramsey are significant to me
because they can represent what I believe a learning organization, at its
core, is all about--that is, people learning from each other. The issue
will not be resolved by 'facts' or logic that is somehow 'out there'.
separate from the two because facts are not the issue. The issue has to
do with the impact each has had on the other because of the
interpretations each has made inside, 'in here'. Learning will begin when
each acknowledges that the impact the other has on them is their own
responsiblity and will continue when each is curious about the impact they
have had on the other. We'll know it's happening when mutual teaching
turns to mutual learning.

This is not learning about an objective 'it'. This is not learning from
'I' or the self in isolation. This is learning from the 'we' of
intersubjectivity and I view our ubiquitous collecitve iniability to learn
in this mode as the major impediment to organizational learning. From the
positive side, when understood, learning from the intersubjective world is
the essence of creating trust and a learning culture.

Ron Short


Ron Short <ron@learninginaction.com>

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