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Date: 07/04/00

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>I am a student writing a thesis on Knowledge Management and especially
>about virtual teams. Is there anybody who can tell me if there is theory
>(literature) about introducing/ implementig a vitual group in an
>organisation? Thank you very much
>Wendy Visscher

Dear Wendy,

Networking is the biggest virtual team-building I know, and thanks to
technology, this kind of task performance in the organization called
"mankind", gains publicity, becomes familiar and even preferred (who wants
to drive everyday in traffic jams?).

There is much in writing about virtual communities, and some activity can
be traced on the net. I personally recommend a book I'm reading recently:
"Small Worlds" by Duncan J. Watts. The book is valuable even for those
who'll skip the mathematics - so at least I've been told by Jan Lelie. It
could be interesting to discuss some issues that the book brings up. Would
you like to specify your field of interest in virtual team-work and
virtual organizations?

Best regards,

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