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Date: 07/08/00

Replying to LO25034

>Who else on God's green earth could say something so beautifully,
>humorously and soulfully?

Who else?


As for me?

Well;-) Wow and thank you Sajeela.

My thoughts were merely a simple reflection upon the complex object/ground
phenomenon with some prospective thinking from the rabbit's perspective
that, so 'tightly coupled';-) may instantly become/be imaginatively phased
and via co-operative inter-est transmogrify wholly to some better imagined
loosessed of loose perceptual<>couplings; possibly even resulting in
complete non-disturbance (untouchability/\invisibility) within the widest
perceptual status-quo. Two immediarte ;-) referents for fruitful further
'nibblings' might be the relationship St Francis forged with the predating
wolf and David Bohm's ideas surrounding 'deep intelligence'.
Becoming/being Sajeela, becoming/being;-)

Of love then. Rather I tremble and shake at the thoughts and feelings
contained in Bohm's reflection, " There can be no system or specifiable
method for avoiding the tendency for thought to fall into confusion.
Rather what is required is a general alertness which makes us aware, from
moment to moment, of how the process of thought is getting caught in fixed
sets of categories. However, even such alertness does not provide for
perfect harmony in this unceasing movement. Nevertheless, with the right
quality of mental energy, insight, and skill, the art of intelligent
perception will enable us sooner or later to meet whatever difficulties
may arise, without getting lost in the fixety of categories that leads to
irresolvable confusion. And so it may perhaps be said that it is in just
such creative perception of disharmony in the process of thought, that man
may come upon the deepest harmony that is open to him."

Those who would square the circle -
" Like a geometer who sets himself
To square the circle, and is unable to think
Of the formula he needs to solve the problem
So was I, faced with this new vision...

But that was not a flight for my wings:
Except that my mind was struck by a flash
In which what it most desired came to it.

At this point high imagination failed;
(Here force failed my high fantasy)
But already my desire and my will
Were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed,
(--like a wheel revolving uniformly)

By the love which moves the sun and the other stars."

In a final 'graphic' representation of the 'journey' Botticelli places
three figures almost lost in a completely modern abstract plain plane;-)
that reminds me very much of the beautiful and minimal grey, silver and
gold paintings of Agnes Martin. Visible invisibly.

How do we represent love?

I have an idea embraced in the words of Erich Neumann, that "-- the same
creative Godhead, unformed and manifold, is emerging within the human
mind, who previously filled the heavens and spheres of the universe around

We are going home, I am going home.

There is learning everywhere as much as we open and close our eyes. This
suits the circle, our only home.

Sajeela, I will go to the fields and tell the rabbits your name.




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