Efficiency and Emergence LO25053

From: Judy Tal (judyt@netvision.net.il)
Date: 07/08/00

Replying to LO25047 --

Replying to all what has been written so far on the subject - contributors
and readers.

I'm reading carefully the various dialogues under the title "Efficiency
and Emergence". I didn't manage to follow the normal flow of ideas since I
was overseas for two weeks (visited Jan Lelie), and returned about a week

I feel the need to write this short contribution of mine - from a view
point of a silent reader (so far) - to express how I enjoy your writings
(All of you), the depth and variety of ideas, associations and fields of
knowledge. Hope to join the conversation soon.


Dr. Judy R. Tal
LCL-Learning Cycles (1999)
+972 3 6997903
+972 54 666294


Judy Tal <judyt@NETVISION.NET.IL>

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