Systems Thinking.. or Not? LO25064

From: KiWiDressler (
Date: 07/12/00

Replying to LO25058 --

>Some argue that this confusion and pollution are merely
>imaginations without substance. Unfortunately, this
>argument does not help the slightest to relieve me from
>being very unhappy.

Dear At,

Although I don't know how much you value growing in happiness :-) I would
like to ask some questions:

How does your unhappiness help you in persueing your midwifery to
authentic learning?

How could the substance of this confusion and pollution make you unhappy
if not by means of your imagination of it?

If you would realize that being more happy would help you in your efforts
to support overcoming this confusion and pollution, could you help
yourself to become more happy?

I enjoyed very much to read some time ago on this very list someone citing
Dalai Lama with his observation/speculation that love is growing in this

Some may argue that this growing love is merely imagination without
substance. Fortunately, this argument does not disturb me the slightest
from being very happy. ;-))

I wish you all the relief you may need to ever better follow the path of
what matters to you in your life. Besides, if you were happy, would you do
anything different?

Liebe Gruesse,


-- (KiWiDressler)

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