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Date: 07/22/00

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ACampnona@aol.com wrote:

> The ancient Chinese symbol for the word "listen" has the 5 characters in it. One of them is the heart. The symbol for the word "think" has 2
> characters. A child's head and a heart.
> If anyone can let me know what the other for characters for listening are...

Dear Andrew,

Last two months I was busy in 'translating'( with notes for 'rotations'
and 'reflections') H. A. Simon's The Sciences of the Artificial and C.
Alexander's Notes on the Synthesis of Form. So I opened this mail quite
late. Nevertheless I think better late than never.

I checked and learned the word Chinese 'listening' with one of most
authetic dictionary back around 2000 years ago.

Yes, the system of Chinese character 'listening' ( In Taiwan and Hongkong,
we still use it)is composed with five parts. But to interpreting it
part-wise might be misleading.

use your ears to 'get' the 'nuance'of it( or things), like listening to
the bell music).

Honest speaking, I also learned a lesson in the systhesis of the form or
the art of the artificial.

I hope you enjoy it.

Hanching Chung


demingtw <demingtw@ms17.hinet.net>

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