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From: Gerrit Visser (
Date: 07/22/00

About a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting two active members of this
list in person. In the time that Judy Tal visited the Netherlands Jan
Lelie invited me for a coffee-meeting near The Hague. On a lovely sunny
morning Jan, Judy and I met and talked about the involvement and
participation in this list. In that conversation I commented on Rick's
initiative to encourage lurkers to participate in the discussions.
Confiding my hesitations to post Judy emphasized to me the openness in
this group and gave me some good reasons to dare.

ok Judy instead of raising a 'person-to-person'-question let me post this
here and we'll see what happens. This is what I wanted to ask since a
long time. Reading Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline I have always questioned
the explanation of the word 'metanoia' as 'changing spirits' . Due to my
christian background I have always felt that the impact of the word
metanoia goes far beyond the limited explanation as a change of spirit.

Who can give me a more indepth understanding of what Metanoia
Organizations really are. Is it empowering people? Is it getting aligned
with company goals? Is it collective awareness? Is it shared values?
Instead of sending this question only to Judy I accept her invitation and
post it in here to learn what others say about this.

Judy and Jan, thanks for inviting me that day. I greatly enjoyed our LO
discussion 'in real-live'.

Gerrit Visser
Groningen, the Netherlands
icq: 13216293


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