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Date: 07/26/00

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Greetings to all LOers,
Hello Gerrit, so nice to meet you again.

Gerrit wrote:

>... This is what I wanted to ask since a
>long time. Reading Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline I have always questioned
>the explanation of the word 'metanoia' as 'changing spirits' . Due to my
>christian background I have always felt that the impact of the word
>metanoia goes far beyond the limited explanation as a change of spirit.
>Who can give me a more indepth understanding of what Metanoia
>Organizations really are.

Well, it IS just this, don't you think so, Gerrit?: Our enchanted meeting,
that sunny morning, 20th of June, at Voorburg Station (end of tram line
number 10) - and, of course: Metanoia (Change of Spirit) organization, or

Your mail (pre-mailed to me) is just a proof that it works - Metanoia, of

Moreover, here comes another one: around the same time, that we (Jan and
myself) had the pleasure to meet with you, we also visited Winfeid
Deijmann at "Horizon Inc." near Gouda, and found the meeting most fruitful
- reasonably challenging to try and re-meet.

Hope to hear more from you and others,


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