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Date: 07/26/00

Here are five new articles I found on Performance management topics. The
articles range from appraising telecommuters to upward feedback to
innovations in performance management from the public sector. Click the
links below to view the articles.

In this issue:

* Performance Appraisal and Telecommuters
* Evaluating Managerial Performance: Mitigating the "Outcome Effect"
* An Upward Feedback Field Experiment
* Managing Five Paradoxes of 360-degree Feedback
* Public Sector Organizations: Today's Innovative Leaders in Performance

>Performance Appraisal and Telecommuters.

Summary of factors which may affect telecommuters satisfaction with their
performance appraisals. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 7/2000.

>Evaluating Managerial Performance: Mitigating the "Outcome Effect".

Managers are evaluated on the outcomes of their decisions, regardless of
the degree of control they have over the circumstances. This article
summarizes ways to mitigate the effects of this. Journal of Managerial
Issues, 7/2000.

>An Upward Feedback Field Experiment: Supervisors' cynicism, reactions and
>commitment of subordinates.

Upward feedback is a process that involves the rating of supervisors by
their respective subordinates on various behavioral dimensions, combined
with formal feedback of the results to the supervisors. This article
summarizes the results of a field experiment conducted to examine outcomes
associated with an upward feedback program in a policing agency. Personnel
Psychology, 7/2000.

>Managing Five Paradoxes of 360-degree Feedback.

Five paradoxes are discussed in this article. They are organized around
four issues involved in the adoption of 360-degree feedback: Objectives,
sources of behavior and performance data, methods of data gathering and
feedback, and selection of a program administrator. In each case, the
paradoxes and their sources are identified, and suggestions are offered
for aiding managers to cope with them. Academy of Management Executive,

>Public Sector Organizations: Today's Innovative Leaders in Performance

Who's coming up with the best new ideas for managing people's performance
on the job? Surprisingly, some of the most innovative work in developing
new approaches to performance management is being done these days by
organizations in the public sector. When executives look for breakthrough
thinking and best practices, their best sources frequently turn out to be
state agencies and city governments, federal bureaucracies, and your local
pardons and parole boards. Public Personnel Management, 3/2000.


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